Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A few more of Ashlee

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Miss Ashlee....

We had fun today doing Ashlee's Bridal pictures. She looked so pretty, the weather was great(felt a little like Spring is on it's way) It was a great day. She was a trooper. She was pretty cold and we drug her through snow and mud. I hope you like them Ash. You are beautiful.

Here are a few......

Thanks to my wonderful sister Heather and Ashlee's Dad and Mom.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hadlee and Hanks

I have some pretty cute Nieces and Nephews. I just love them all so much. Heather has been wanting pictures of Hadlee and Hanks, but around Christmas time when we took their family pictures, Hadlee didn't want anything to do with pictures. She is such a princess- we couldn't understand. She hates the CAMERA. So last week she brought the kids over and we thought if we get some- good if not that is okay and we will try another day. Well I am very proud. We got some cute one's. We only had about 3 min and Hadlee was done, but she did great .

Hadee Girl.

And this one made me laugh. She loves to wink. She is such a doll.
And then Hanks. He is all smiles all the time. Such a Happy little guy and so loving. The only problem with him, was he would sit and smile and then run. We got a bunch of him.

Colby has a picture of him with this jacket and hat. His parents have it framed, so Heather thought it would be cute to put him in the same things and get it framed for them.
It was a good day....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Angel Ada....

I was so lucky to take this little Angels pictures. And I mean she really is an Angel. You are just drawn to little Ada. She has such a strong spirit. I just love her and I feel so grateful I could capture some pictures of her and just be with her.

She was so happy the whole time and made the cutest faces. Thank you Jodi. Hope you like them...